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Why have we continued?

You may not realize it, but we are still harming the earth, and with every passing day we are destroying ourselves slowly, though we don't know it. So, the big question here: Why have we continued? My answer: We don't know that we're doing things wrong, so we just keep on doing it. Take this example. You own a dog. The dog keeps digging holes in your yard, so what do you do? You tell the dog, "NO!" and stop the dog from digging. The dog now knows that it should not dig, so it stops digging. That's not what we do. Instead, our owner is careless, and just refills the holes we make. But as we dig, we begin to dig faster, so our owner can't fill all the holes we make.

The real truth: The earth can not heal itself fast enough to stop us making holes in the atmosphere. As we continue ruining the atmosphere, we invent new technology to help us ruin it faster and faster. In the end, we will have destructed ourselves and the earth. Most people say, "Oh, we can live on Mars!" But no, we can't. We'll destruct ourselves on Mars, and then were will we go? Nowhere. We need to focus 🎯on fixing our own planet, whatever it takes.

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