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What Went Wrong?

How did our world become polluted?

If someone asked you that, most people would say, "I don't know!"

The truth is, it's an easy question. The answer: Humans became so greedy that they created more and more technology that hurt our planet. However, cars are NOT the main problem.

in fact, about 29% of the pollution on earth was caused by cars, and 50% was caused factories. That may not make sense to you - after all, there are much more cars than factories. The truth is that factories make so much gas that they are able to nearly double the amount of pollution that exits into the atmosphere.

Factories are very bad towards our planet, in fact if there were no factories, our planet would be half of what it is now. I am not saying to extinguish factories, though maybe that is a good idea, I am saying to stop buying as much from factories, and from businesses that buy from factories. Instead start buying from businesses that make their own products or buy from non-pollutive businesses.

I will detail more about what happened to our Earth, but not in this post.

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