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Car Pool?

Firstly, what even is a Car Pool? When I first heard that, I thought it was a pool for cars. But it is actually a group of people where about half do not own cars. The people who do own cars give the people who don't rides around. That way, you use less gas. Why do we want to use less gas or oil? Here it is in facts: Humans have taken a lot of the oil on earth. Humans are greedy, or in fact, we are greedy. If we destroy the atmosphere more, earth will no longer be suitable for living on. There's the facts. Now does it make sense to continue? NO. Not at all. however, if everyone in the world were to participate in a car pool, only 14.5 % of the pollution on earth would be caused by cars. 14.5 % would have disappeared. From pollution charts.

So, what should we do? If you buy a car, do not buy more than one car for your family. If everyone owned 3 cars, 90 % of pollution on earth would be caused by cars. Don't help with that. It. Does. Not. Help. Instead, start a local Car Pool!

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