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How to Help:

Here are a couple of ways you can help in different areas.

Around your house:

When you Brush your teeth, turn off the water until you are done. When you eat, make just enough food for you and everyone else who are eating. In other words, don't waste your food. If you are going to be parked somewhere for more than 5 minutes, turn off your car.

In your Neighborhood:

Encourage people to come with you in your car, or you in theirs. This saves gas, because instead of two cars you are using one. This method is like a car pool. Share your gas machines with your neighbors: If you got a new lawn mower, and your neighbor needs their lawn mowed and doesn't have one, offer to help.

Public Areas like restaurants:

If you are in a Restaurant, do not order many natural, non captivated animals such as an octopus roll of sushi. Keep in mind that every kind of meat that you order, one more of the kind of animal that produced it is killed for more food.

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